DRB Procurement Department

Our Mission

Procurement is committed to purchasing the right goods and services at the right price while meeting the requirements of DRB internal and external customers.

About Procurement

DRB seeks qualified firms to supply needed goods and services. We realize that a large pool of suppliers is key to providing our internal and external customers with reliable and dependable service. Vendors interested in doing business with us are encouraged to follow the instructions in “How to Become a Vendor” and reach out to the Procurement Department via email or phone.

How to Become a Vendor

For a new vendor, DRB requires the following items to become an approved vendor.

  • Completed W9 Form
  • Completed Supplier Qualification Form
  • Signed DRB General Terms & Conditions
  • Signed NDA (if applicable)
  • Up to date Certificate of Insurance (if applicable).

Vendor Guidelines

Doing Business with DRB

The Procurement Department is responsible for establishing guidelines for the purchase of goods and/or services for the ongoing operations of DRB. The Procurement Department also assists user departments in identifying, selecting, and acquiring needed goods and services in a timely, consistent, efficient, and economical manner (according to applicable laws).


Any procurement activities involving sourcing will follow the RFQ process and require three competitive bids. Vendors will receive an email inviting participation in the RFQ process. Written quotations should be submitted to Procurement prior to the deadline for evaluation, comparison, and discussions with the internal requestor. Upon DRB consensus, letters of intent will be provided to all bidders, and the bid winner will receive the PO to provide the goods or services.

Criteria for Award

The contract and PO will normally be awarded to the responsible vendor offering goods or services which:

  • Are available to DRB at the lowest total cost. Factors used to determine total cost will be stated in the quote and may include unit price, discounts, delivery, installation (if applicable), maintenance, warranty, cost of operation of use, and
  • Meet the specifications or approved equivalents. Approved equivalents are essentially the same in quality, design, size, material and performances as the brand name item given in the request


for quotation and acceptance or rejection of an item as an approved equivalent or equal is at the discretion of the Procurement Department.

DRB reserves the right to cancel a solicitation or to reject any or all quotes. DRB may also waive any irregularities therein, also to award the bid to other than the lowest bidder.

Unit Price Accuracy

In case of a discrepancy between a unit price and total price, the unit price will prevail.

Non-Consideration for Award

Assistance in the development of specifications or other advisory services provided by vendors is not considered in evaluating the quotation. Although such assistance is valuable and appreciated by the Procurement Department, no preferential treatment can be given in return for these services.


Samples of items, when required must be furnished by the vendor free of charge to DRB. Each individual sample must be labeled with bidder’s name, manufacturer’s brand name, sample clearly marked on the shipping package and packing list. DRB shall not be held liable for any sample provided.


DRB is state and sales tax exempt. A tax-exempt certificate will be provided by the Procurement Department upon request.


DRB will pay all proper invoices submitted for supplies and/or services within the established net payment terms found on the PO. The payment terms take effect from date of receipt at DRB (not date of invoice). Use the following criteria to ensure timely invoice processing:

  • Submitted to DRB Accounts Payable Department via email: OR to DRB Systems, LLC Attn: Accounts Payable 3245 Pickle Rd. Akron, OH 44312
  • W-9 Form on File at DRB
  • Shows Correct PO number
  • Invoice accurately reflects proper quantity, delivery, installation, or provision of goods and/or services to and accepted by DRB

The payment cycle will not start until the above requirements are met. For assistance with invoices and payments you may contact the DRB Accounts Payable team either via email: or by phone at 330-645-4200.


Contacting DRB Procurement Department

DRB Systems, LLC
Attn: Procurement Department
3245 Pickle Rd.
Akron, OH 44312
Email: Phone: 330-645-4200


Supplier Documents