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General Availability

SiteWatch® Updates Through 26.5.0

  • Credit Card processing updates
  • Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®) changes
  • InfoBridge enhancement for Suds™ websites
  • Other general bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements

Credit Card processing

  • Brings CardConnect processor into compliance with Visa’s card on file mandates
  • Ability to manually enter local approval to process credit cards
    • New function on the Terminal Information screen of the Terminal Controller allows sites to manually place Xpress Card Clearing® (XCC) into local approval mode. This will allow the site to continue accepting credit card payments when the XCC system is declining charges due to unforeseen issues. Previsions, you would have to disconnect the ethernet cable from your X1 on your SonicWall router to manually force Local Approval Mode.

Caution: Placing XCC in local approval mode places incurs risk of the possibility of lost revenue.

ARM Recharger

  • Added the “Recharge Frequency” field to the “Sites” editor. ARM Monthly plans default to a more efficient, single recharge cycle per day. ARM Unit plans recharge cycle defaults to every five minutes.

InfoBridge Enhancement for Suds Websites

  • The SiteWatch InfoBridge API now supports generating sales for multiple sites from a single instance of InfoBridge. This allows a single website interface to create sales on behalf of multiple sites within the same replicating organization. This reduces the amount of hardware, network infrastructure and configuration required. Further, item purchases can be individualized per site and respect that site’s tax configuration.

Note: This feature is available for Suds-designed websites only and is currently not available for Website Connect™ websites.

SiteWatch® Updates Through

  • MobileDemand TTT enhancements
  • Report enhancements
  • SiteWatch Web enhancements
  • Resolved issues with the database, FastID™, kiosks and SiteWatch Web
  • Provided other general bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements

MobileDemand TTT Enhancements

  • Added support for MobileDemand TTT integrated barcode scanner
  • Added MobileDemand TTT battery monitoring functionality
    • Battery monitor displays the status of the tablet’s battery.battery status monitor
    • Alerts are generated and logged:
      • When battery is low: Internal Battery is low!
      • When battery is drained completely: Internal Battery drained!
    • Battery is hot-swappable without interrupting the terminal.

Reports Enhancements

  • “Labor Use” and “Employee Listing” terminal reports support up to 7 digits for the employee number. Note: Employee numbers with more than 7 digits in length will only display the first 7 digits.

SiteWatch Web Enhancements

  • The “Pass Plan Sales” filter UI has been updated.
    • “Card Declined” filter no longer shows approved cards
    • “Card Expired” filter no longer shows expired plans
    • “Sold” filter no longer shows plans with statuses of “Renewed,” “Used” or “Transfer In”
    • New “Expired” filter shows expired plans
    • “Active Status” filter includes plans with statuses of “Sold,” “Renewed” and “Transfer In”
    • “Inactive Status” filter includes plans with statuses of “Discontinued,” “Terminated” and “Expired”
    • Removed “Suspended” and “Resumed” filters

Resolved Issues

  • Updated SiteWatch database is updated with latest car makes and models from Chek-Chart
  • FastID -SiteWatch TC and XPT®s no longer repeatedly poll the license plate recognition (LPR) service for a license plate when a license plate is already applied to the terminal’s open sale. Fixes applied to resolve the issue at both semi-attended lanes (SAL) and attended lanes.
  • Resolved issue where terminal log file names could become corrupted if the corresponding terminal name in Site Manager contained invalid characters. Invalid characters are now stripped when creating specific log files.
    • Example: Terminal name of Owner’$*-#1 \Term_1 will result in log files named similar to TESTOH-HQ1_Owner’$-#1Term_1_20201222.LOG.
  • Kiosks – XPTs no longer become stuck in a boot loop after Loading Employee Config and Initializing EMV at EMV-enabled sites
  • SiteWatch Web
    • Resolved SiteWatch Web lockups on customer editor export to CSV
    • The SiteWatch Web Service no longer fails on startup if the site address and ZIP code fields are empty.
    • “Trends & Comparison” report was displaying declined count instead of expired count. This has been corrected. 

SiteWatch® Updates Through 26.3

  • ODBC enhancements
  • SiteWatch Web enhancements
  • Data Migrator enhancements
  • Support for the new Tablet Touchscreen Terminal™
  • Resolved issues with the Auto Export Scheduler and the Item Lookup feature on the Terminal Controller
  • Provided other general bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements

ODBC Enhancements

  • Added V Tender view to ODBC
  • Updated ODBC for use with SiteWatch 26.X

SiteWatch Enhancements

  • Added a “Terminal” row to the “Store and Forward Detail Report” to display the name of the terminal where the sale occurred
  • Added a “Credit Card Expiration” row to the “Pass Plan Member Analysis Report” export that appears when the “Credit Card Info” option is selected
  • Added customer City, State, and ZIP code fields to the “Pass Plan Member Analysis Report.” These fields are also included in the Excel and CSV exports.
  • Adjusted how frequently SiteWatch Web pulls weather data

Data Migrator Enhancements

Streamlined third-party database migration into SiteWatch.

  • Data Migrator can now migrate information from the same source organization more than once. This may apply when merging sites gradually into an organization.
  • Adds the ability to import employee data

Support for new Tablet Touchscreen Terminal (TTT)

SiteWatch now supports the new MobileDemand Tablet Touchscreen Terminal (TTT). Features include:

  • Enhanced resolution with tablet handling of the Terminal Controller
  • camera numberIntegration with CarPics®
    • Note: If no camera is specified in the Site Manager Terminals editor for the TC associated with the tablet, the camera will default to front instead of back. To operate properly, set Camera Number to 1.
  • Integration with MagTek mag stripe reader
  • Wi-Fi status messages to indicate the percentage of max signal strength
    • 40% = Wi-Fi signal strength is low
    • 20% = Wi-Fi signal strength is critically low

Resolved Issues

  • Terminal Controller now correctly displays “Inventory On Hand” and “Price” columns when using “Item Lookup” feature

StatWatch® iOS 2.4.6 and Android 2.4.2 Release

  • Updated StatWatch for iOS 2.4.6 and Android 2.4.2 and provided bug fixes

iOS bug fixes

This version addressed the following issues:

  • Inability to select Month or Year on Multi-Site page in StatWatch app
  • StatWatch UI problem created by iOS 13 – Graphs
  • StatWatch UI problem created by iOS 13 – Button layout/color issues
  • Sites dropdown cut off because of text size
  • iOS StatWatch crashing when going to Almanac with any profit center other than Wash or Lube.

Android bug fixes

This version addressed the following issues:

  • The cosmetic flaw in Android StatWatch Almanac screen
  • NPEs reported recently
  • Missing graph on Compare page

SiteWatch® 26

  • Made SiteWatch Web Commission Calculator generally available
  • Enhanced FastID™ to provide ability to look up customers by their ARM® credit card and attach the license plate read by FastID to their account
  • Added CardConnect as non-EMV card processor
  • Updated ARM Test Recharger dialog
  • Adjusted the utility to postpone ARM recharges
  • Provided general bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements

SiteWatch Web Commission Calculator Available

The Commission Calculator allows you to:

  • Configure and calculate commissions
  • Assign commission rates to specific employees, specific roles, a specific site or a group of sites
  • Create commissions for specific items or item categories
  • Configure commissions as flat dollar amount or percentage
  • Utilize adjustments so that a commission is only calculated on a product’s base amount
  • Configure multiple commissions for the same data pool and set priority levels
  • View Commission Calculator report to find the amount to be paid. It can be exported to Excel, CSV or PDF and can be printed from export.

*Commissions CANNOT be calculated on XPT®s because they are not designed to attribute sales to specific salespeople. The Commission Calculator is only available in SiteWatch version 26 and above.[/su_spoiler] [/su_accordion]

FastID™ Enhanced
Added the ability to look up a customer by their ARM® credit card number at the XPT ®, add the customer to the sale and associate the license plate supplied by FastID with the customer’s record.

CardConnect Added as Non-EMV Card Processor 
Capabilities include:

  • ARM transactions and credit card sale transactions
  • Local approval (offline sales)
  • Sale edits, voids and returns
  • Support for Website Connect™ / Mobile Connect™
  • Replication and sync
  • Utilities and certifications
  • Card Account Updater (CAU) – Auto-updates the account numbers and expiration dates of stored VISA and Mastercard payment cards, without requiring any intervention from the customer. Additional fees apply

ARM Test Recharge Dialog Updated
The ARM Test Recharge dialog includes a new “Perform credit card authorization” option to run authorizations on the ARM credit cards being tested. This may cause consumers to see a temporary authorization reported to their credit cards.

When the ARM Test Recharger runs, it performs the authorization and reports counts/percentage of successes and failures.

SiteWatch® 25

  • Introduced FastID license plate recognition
  • Introduced PIVOT, our Vacutech integration
  • Made changes to Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®) recharge date logic
  • Made changes to credit card $0 authorization logic – $0 authorization only
  • Enhanced mid-level security
  • Enhanced SiteWatch Web reporting and security roles
  • Provided general bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements

Introduction of FastID License Plate Recognition (LPR)

SiteWatch 25 added FastID with support for:

  • ARM® sales and redemptions at XPT and (Semi-Attended Lane) SAL terminals
  • Migration from FastPass to FastID at XPT and SAL terminals
  • Identifying every sale through an XPT with LPR (including non-ARM sales)
  • Sales at attended lanes
  • Marketing to non-ARM customers
  • Magnetic and SKIDATA gates
  • Identifying existing customers by name and attaching the license plate number read from FastID to their customer record at an XPT
  • Two “whitelisting” options that can be enabled on a per-site basis to provide additional LPR expediency for ARM customers. We caution that the use of these options may increase the number of false-positive matches when an incorrect customer code is located from a license plate read. 
    • Aggressive whitelist – When enabled, LPR aggressively matches when comparing a new license plate number against all customer license plates, with priority given to ARM customers. In other words, if the license plate number supplied by LPR is not an exact match to an existing customer code, SiteWatch looks for a match that is only one character off. The license plate number could be missing one character, have an extra character or have one character is different than the customer code. Caution: Use of this option may lead to false-positive matches when new license plates are recognized as existing one.
    • Smart whitelist matching – When enabled, LPR system allows similar characters to constitute a match (e.g. 8, B) when comparing a new license plate number against all customer license plates, with priority given to ARM customers. In other words, if the license plate number supplied by LPR is not an exact match to an existing customer code, SiteWatch substitutes commonly misread characters in the license plate number and continues checking for a match. Caution: Use of this option may increase the number of false-positive matches when an incorrect customer code is located from a license plate read. 

Introduction of the PIVOT Vacutech Integration


    • Vacutech Basic SiteWatch Configuration for Vacuum Terminals
    • Staff workflows, including diagnostics and staff screen
    • Ability for customers to directly purchase vacuum time at the vacuum terminal using EMV Credit Card Reader
    • Ability for SiteWatch Terminals to issue prepaid codes for vacuum time to customers for redemption at the vacuum terminal
    • Ability for customers to redeem prepaid codes for vacuum time at the vacuum terminal
    • SiteWatch Web reporting for revenue and prepaid redemptions

ARM Recharge Date Change

ARM recharges will be set back on short months instead of pushed forward to the first of the next month. ARM recharges scheduled to recharge on the 29th – 31st of a month will be set back to recharge on the 28th of the applicable month and all months moving forward rather than pushing forward into the next month as previously configured.

Auto-rollers with CarPics Touch

Auto-rollers can now be used with CarPics Touch. This release also provides the option to use retracts when sending a vehicle with CarPics Touch.

$0 Authorization Changes

Credit card authorizations through Mercury and Buypass will now only be allowed for $0. SiteWatch will no longer submit authorizations for a specific dollar amount, so authorizations will only verify that the card is valid, not that a certain amount is available. There will be no change if you use Vantiv as it had already been on the $0 authorization system.

SiteWatch Web Security Enhancement

  • New mid-level security access allows access by site group.
  • Site Group users can access the group and any site within it.

SiteWatch Web Report Enhancements

  • Filter Member Analysis Report by date
  • Run SiteWatch Web Club Plans Report by site The Club Plans Report has been changed to run based on the site selector, using the current site, site group, or all sites, instead of running for all sites by default.

SiteWatch® 24

  • Introduced SiteWatch Web reporting
  • Enhanced XCC and EMV Payments solutions (hardware purchased separately)
  • Updated CarPics Touch® (hardware purchased separately)
  • Introduced the Mobile Connect® White Label Mobile App (purchased separately)
  • Provided general bug fixes, enhancements and performance improvements

SiteWatch Web Reporting available

New and updated editors and reports replace and expand portions of the Site Manager.

  • Added Regular Hours, OT Hours and enhanced formatting to Site Manager Labor Report
  • Added site name option for selecting locations in SiteWatch Web
  • Added bank Deposit Report
  • Added Plans CC Declined and Plans Recharged on the “Pass Plan” dashboard tile
  • Added Filter and Export options to Security Log Browser
  • Sale Viewer
    • Added ability to search by employee number active
    • Added customer contact information
  • Added ability to search by Customer Code License Plate on the Customer Editor
  • Made enhancements to synchronization, including daily and on-demand synchronization
  • Added Regular and Over Time Hours to Site Manager Labor Report

XCC and EMV payments solutions enhancements  

  • Created new structures to support better security, synchronization and backup of data
  • PA-DSS 3.2 Certification
  • Added EMV credit card support for VANTIV host processors with support for ARM Customers and some limitations. (EMV for First Data is not supported)
  • Vantiv processor adds
    • Store and Forward for Vantiv EMV
    • Store and Forward reporting
    • Card Account Updater (CAU) for Vantiv EMV (CAU for First Data is not supported)
    • Enhancements to synchronization, including daily and on-demand synchronization
    • XCC cloud back up and on-demand restore

CarPics Touch

  • Added Touch Feature for queue manipulation to the CarPics terminal.
  • Added Tablet Picture Queuing feature to support CarPics from non-XPT/Camera lanes

SiteWatch and XPT 

  • World Gift logic updated to include new BINS