Increase Tunnel Productivity, Accuracy, and Efficiency


CarPics® Touch Vehicle Manager displays pictures of each queued car on a color video screen at your conveyor entrance to increase production, reduce errors, improve controls and enhance your customers’ experience.

  • Ensures accuracy in loading the queue and allows for loader to make corrections quickly, if needed.
  • Speeds up tunnel by notifying the loader ahead of time of any hand-applied services purchased.
  • Allows for productivity measures by monitoring and adjusting prep time during peak volume periods.
  • Promote “rewash guarantees” by displaying picture of cars from their last visit.
  • Enhance customer relationships by using the name display to personally greet customers.
  • Makes it easy for your team to ensure pass plans are only being used by one vehicle.

CarPics Touch allows your team to use a touchscreen monitor to easily manage your car queue, send cars, select retracts and ensure pass plans are being used by only one vehicle. It can be used with the Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT®).

Enhance Queue Management:

  • Drag & Drop Queuing: Easily adjust the first four queue positions with the touch of a finger with CarPics Touch monitor.
  • Service Badges: See what services are needed for prepping or the names of unlimited plan members.
  • Prep & Wait Time: Keep an eye on how long your customers are waiting to be washed.
  • XPT Screen View: View transaction time and how

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Manage aftercare services with efficiency.

CarPics Aftercare, an optional add-on to CarPics, allows your team to view unattended cars and their purchased services at a glance.

  • Prepare for cars with purchased aftercare services coming through the tunnel.
  • Quickly track and mark sales as completed.
  • Direct attention to cars not yet serviced.