DRB Mobile Connect™ Car Wash App

Sell Plans and Prepaids Anytime From Anywhere

mobile connect car wash app


Mobile Connect is the salesperson who never sleeps. Your customers and prospects can now purchase wash plans, gift washes, club plans and more anytime, anywhere with this mobile car wash app. DRB Mobile Connect helps you increase sales, encourage customer loyalty and build brand awareness, all while providing your customers the convenience they’ll love.

  • 365/24/7 access to buy washes and plans
  • All sales are entered directly into your SiteWatch® POS system
  • Automatic enhancements and updates available with a simple app update
  • Establishes brand presence in the Apple and Google app stores
  • Delivers sales and customer information to all sites within seconds
  • Available for Apple and Android phones
  • Customized with your wash’s colors, logo, app icon, etc.

Your Customers Control Their Experience

With Mobile Connect, you can allow customers to:

  • Buy and change monthly plans
  • Purchase club plans
  • Send gift washes via email or text
  • Add funds to virtual wallets
  • Change information (credit cards, address, etc.)
  • Get car wash hours, locations and turn-by-turn directions

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