Wash Codes at Pump

Sell washes from any gas pump, at your site or a location owned by a third party, without sacrificing control.

The Wash Code At Pump (WashCAP) Interface module allows you to sell washes at your gas pumps and track, redeem, manage, and control those washes with SiteWatch®

A wash purchased at the pump is given a unique car number printed on the receipt at the gas pump or inside the convenience store. This car number is good for up to a year (configurable by you) and can be used at any of your locations.

You can use WashCAP at your own site, or with our remote WashCAP option you can use it to sell washes directly from the fuel pumps at an outside service station owned by someone else. Remote WashCAP works with POS registers from major maufacturers like Gilbarco, Wayne and Ruby Verifone, so you can use it to sell washes from an outside convenience store.

Support for a Variety of Pumps

SiteWatch uses the Ryko Protocol to communicate to a C-Store point-of-sale system. Point-of-sale and pump console systems that support the Ryko Protocol include the following:

  • Allied (ANDI and NeXGen)
  • Wayne (MSI/CVN, Nucleus, Plus/3)
  • Gilbarco (Passport, G-Site)
  • NCR (Radiant RPOS, Radiant Softsense)
  • Verifone (Topaz XL, Ruby)
  • and others that support the Ryko Code-a-Wash IV protocol

Have more questions?

Click here or call us at 1-800-336-6338 to request more information, or visit our WashCAP FAQ page.