Beyond Car Wash Point-of-Sale

As a car wash operator, you’re in the midst of a major upheaval brought on by increased competition, rapid advances in technology and rising customer expectations. You need more than a point-of-sale (POS) system to help you navigate these challenges.

Enter Patheon.

Just like the amazing architecture which helped inspire its name, Patheon is “eons” ahead of traditional POS systems. Beyond simply handling unlimited plans and payments, it’s also a marketing machine, an analytics and insights engine, a workforce management tool and so much more.

By combining all the management aspects of your business onto one platform, Patheon saves you time, allowing you and your employees can focus on growing your business and and quickly reacting to the ever-changing marketplace.

patheon unlocks insights

patheon influences car wash consumer action

patheon elevates the user experience

patheon optimizes car wash businesses


Patheon is uniquely capable of collecting and transforming POS data into insights you can use to move from reactive to proactive and predictive.


Patheon leverages data to guide the user experience and influence actions, resulting in higher ticket averages and overall revenue.

Elevate User Experience

The user experience Patheon delivers is highly personalized and relevant, whether you are an owner, employee or consumer.

Optimize Your Business

Patheon can save you time and money, make you more money, help you run a more efficient wash, make you an employer of choice and more.

Revolutionary Technology

Patheon is built on modern Hybrid-Cloud architecture, which makes it:

  • hybrid cloud car wash posFast–Instead of processing everything in the cloud, where you may find a data overload and latency issues, Patheon processed data locally before sending it to the cloud. Therefore, Patheon processes everything at a much faster pace.
  • Accessible — By storing information in the cloud, Patheon provides native, remote access, allowing for multi-site management from anywhere and efficient data analytics.
  • Reliable — Patheon doesn’t rely on internet connectivity to run your wash, so if your internet connection is down or weak, you can still wash cars.
  • Scalable — This model provides unlimited capacity to support your data as you grow.
  • Flexible — Patheon can integrate various cloud services, such as data analytics, the precise control of the local, reliable infrastructure.

Unlike traditional car wash POS systems where you have to wait for a new version to get the latest and greatest features, Patheon pushes new functionality live as soon as it is ready so you always have the most up-to-date version.

Portal and Point-of-Sale

There are two applications through which you will work in Patheon: The Portal and the Point-of-Sale (POS).



The Portal allows you to configure and manage your car wash technology platform anytime, from anywhere.

  • patheon portalConfigure products, plans and services and set their pricing
  • Create and modify POS layout, including product placement and pictures
  • Create and manage discounts
  • Configure profit centers for a site
  • Create an operating schedule for each site and automatically open and close kiosks, tunnel equipment, etc.
  • Group sites by region or wash type
  • Configure and receive basic hardware and software alerts for each site and view a 7-day history of alerts
  • Access common reports and real-time analytics

Patheon’s hybrid-cloud architecture makes it available anytime from any internet-connected device.


Patheon POSPatheon’s POS application allows washers to:

  • Process attended and unattended sales
  • Sell unlimited wash plans and add/remove cars from plans
  • Review sales history
  • Manage customers
  • Manage the wash queue

The POS experience is configured in the Portal.

Tunnel Base Package

Patheon’s Tunnel Base package is the foundation for any car wash operation. It includes access to the Portal and Point-of-Sale as well as:

  • Rich reporting and dashboards arming you with the knowledge you need, where and when you need it.
  • Employee management. Patheon’s integration with Deputy Employee Scheduling & Timeclock software, which makes it easy to capture time, see real-time staff attendance, process payroll and schedule your staff. The system includes a touchless time clock with biometric facial recognition and voice commands.patheon employee management
  • Promotions. You can easily configure upsells, discounts and ticket books
  • Secure payments through the Vantiv EMV solution. Patheon also has a Moneris Integration, allowing you to accept Canadian currency and payments. Patheon’s integration with Automated Tax Management by AvaTax integration ensures Patheon is always up-to-date with changing legislative regulations, new tax rules and shifts in product taxability.

Paths to Success

Patheon was architected to be flexible. Its options are organized by Path with each path defining a group of options that offer similar features and benefits.

You select the options within each Path that best meet the needs of your operating model. Hardware options vary by offering. Speak with a Sales Representative for more information.

Sales Path

The Sales Path offers multiple ways to process transactions.

Attended and Semi-Attended POS Options – All the point-of-sale functionality plus the ability to customize POS screens for the most efficient workflows. This option also provides all hardware and software alerts.

  • Backoffice Terminal
  • Lobby Terminal
  • Outdoor/Booth Terminal
  • Semi-attended Lane – Coming in Q2 2021
  • Wash Codes at Pump – Coming in Q2 2021
  • iPad – Coming in Q3 2021

Xpress Pay Terminal® (XPT®) – DRB’s self-pay terminal allows you to run more cars (up to 80 per hour per XPT) and reduce labor costs while enabling on-the-go customers
to quickly complete their own transactions.

Mobile Web Applications - Patheon’s Mobile Web Applications combine the features of a modern browser with the benefits of a mobile experience.

  • Essential Web Application – Add your brand elements to Patheon’s Essential Mobile Web Application and allow consumers to buy washes, prepaid cards and unlimited monthly passes from any internet-connected device. Coming in Q2 2021
  • Advanced Web Application – Leverage the expertise of Suds Creative to customize an Advanced Mobile Web Application to meet the unique needs of your business. Coming in Q2 2021

patheon mobile app


Consumer Marketing Path

Our integration and partnership with Suds Creative gives you the option to leverage their expertise to maximize consumer capture rates, increase average ticket values and grow your memberships.

  • suds creativeSuds New Investor Package - includes, Creative Brand Development, Messaging and Creative Design, Strategic Marketing Planning and Execution and Custom Website Development
  • Text and Email Marketing via Suds Creative Integration - Coming in Q3 2021

car wash queueingWash Operations & Queueing Path


Patheon boasts state-of-the-art wash operations technology to keep your wash moving.

  • Touch Queuing - Manage all aspects of your queue from one easy-to-learn and navigate view, architected with the tunnel loader in mind. Easily save retracts for plan members and record damage with the touch of a finger. Send a roller, send a car, reorder the queue and view wash purchased all from one screen. 3rd Party Tunnel Controller Integration coming in Q2 2021
  • NoPileups- As the most innovative car wash tunnel optimization system available, NoPileups helps increase capacity, identify broken or misaligned equipment and prevent unnecessary collisions.

monitoring membership dataCustomer Loyalty Path

Patheon facilitates flexible wash plans and vehicle identification technology so your business can lock in loyalty and generate dependable, recurring revenue with ease.

  • Wash Plans – Patheon’s Wash Plan Option includes all the essentials for car wash recurring revenue and house account management. Create time-based, unit-based, family and
    house account plans, include introductory offers and establish plan limits. You can easily suspend plans and add and remove vehicles. You can also capture phone numbers and electronic signatures at plan signup.
  • Vehicle Identification - Use License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to provide the most complete identification process for both members and pay-as-you-go customers.
    • License Plate Recognition – License Plate Recognition (LPR) allows you to identify every vehicle that has a clear, readable plate, not just wash plan member vehicles.
    • RFID – Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and a small tag typically placed on the vehicle, RFID wirelessly approves your pass customers and allows vehicles through
      the gate and into the tunnel.