• Bob Cavalieri
    South City Car Wash, CA
    "(After calling support) I go out and wash cars and they go ahead and fix it, then call me back and say it's all fixed!"
    Bob Cavalieri
  • Rita Mandell
    Hamilton Mill Carwash, GA
    "With a competitor's product, we didn't get the support that we were getting with DRB. I can't say enough nice things about DRB's support."
    Rita Mandell
  • Diane Deering
    TLC of Fayetteville, Inc., NC
    "Everything has been immediate and right on (with support). I am glad to have them, I have them in all my washes."
    Diane Deering
  • Jim Mulholland
    Busy Bee Car Wash, FL
    "The support has been superior. . . I think the support is second to none."
    Jim Mulholland
  • Sean Ellis
    Southland Auto Wash, MI
    "We have certain house account vehicles with pinstriping, so we can tell TunnelWatch, ‘This car’s got pinstriping and lower the water pressure’—kind of customizing the car wash based on the vehicle."
    Sean Ellis
  • JT Thomas
    AutoSpa, MD
    "We’re very happy with the support and service. If we have any problem, we just pick up the phone and it’s all good."
    JT Thomas